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Strength Room

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  • The Strength room is designed specifically for the serious lifters, with strongman, powerlifitng and olympic lifting equipment.


Some of our strength room equipment include:


Jerk Blocks- Great training tool for any Olympic lift or athlete as it allows the lifter to safely lower near maximal weights when performing repetitions. They can be also used by strength athletes when performing deficit deadlifts and block pulls as accessory movements to the deadlift.


Yoke- Used in strongman competitions, the yoke puts athletes under much heavier intensities than accustomed to. The device is set across the athletes back and they walk with weight on it. It helps develop the upper back muscles, the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, and lower back), legs and the hips.


Monolift- An important piece of equipment in powerlifting as it safely allows the lifter to squat maximal weight without “walking” the weight out of the rack.


Belt Squat- Allows individuals to receive the benefits of a squat without loading the spine, but rather loading the hips. A useful piece of equipment for any experience level, people with injuries, and athletes.